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160pcs Baby Wet Wipes Wet Tissue Wet Towel Tube Package

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      Specification of this 160pcs Baby Wet Wipes Wet Tissue Wet Towel Tube Package

      MOQ: 36 tubes of stock package/ 10000 tubes of OEM package

    Fabric Material: high-quality spun lace nonwovens or customized to biodegradable cotton or bamboo fibres or flushable fabric

    Fabric Size: 14*18cm per sheet or customized

    Packing: 160pcs per tube or you can do your own brand

    Ingredients: alcohol-free & customized 

    Fragrance: scent/un-scent as customized

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Recent Reviews ( 5 )
Almost didnt order this due to the negative reviews, and even a video someone posted, showing that the lid wouldnt stay shut....well, Im so glad I regard opinions from other people about the same way as elbows....most everyone has one...that being said, here is a tip...take a flashlight, and look at the small hole that is on the rim of the dispenser, there is a small black part that catches the latch on the lid when it is closed....unless it is missing altogether, or actually broken apart, then use a paper clip, unbend it and use it to remove that black plastic part....note the spring beneath it....the spring must be attached on the bottom end to a small part in the bottom of the hole, so it stays in place...in turn, replace the black part on top of the spring ..note: if it has stretched out, very gently push the sides together and check to make sure it will conform to the nub on the lid...this is how the dispenser I have was repaired even before the first use! It was delivered unwrapped with the spring and the black part loose in the envelope itself...obviously a return, no damage appearance wise, so I kept it...Shame on Amazon for sending it out like that, but kudos to Oxo for another great product
Ok, first time Mom here who was determined not to get all the "bells and whistles" for my baby since they grow out of most things at such a rapid rate. I use to work at a preschool and have changed many diapers and never in a million years would I have added this to my registry since it is definitely a bell and/or whistle. However, after 5 months of being a Mom and dealing with wipes that stayed connected, wipes that fell back into the box, the last wipe with out knowing it and every wipe disaster known to man woman and child I bought this on my search for the better box. Holy Moley, why was this not in my life sooner! The weighted plate dispenses and leaves the perfect pull wipe one at a time, the wipes stay moist and I can open and close it with one hand hanging onto my wiggly baby. Seriously, if you want to make changing a breeze and more enjoyable for and your baby get this.
This is a great wipes dispenser. The wipes inside don't dry up, it is easy to use, the top weight prevents you from pulling too many wipes out at the same time, it's easy to open and close with one hand, and it has the added functionality of having a see through space so you can know when you need to add more wipes (which you don't really use given that you change diapers constantly). I fit a whole pack of Kirkland wipes without removing them from the bag, all I do is tear off the top, and it fits perfectly. As my son has gotten older, he moves a lot more when I'm changing his diaper, and being able to get wipes using one hand only has been really helpful.
I am a first time mom and my baby is only 5 months old, so I have very limited experience in caring for a baby. I did all of my research and decided to use Water Wipes. I bought in bulk and have been struggling to get the wipes out individually with one hand. Since I have a life time supply of these wipes, I had to find a solution. This wipe dispenser is great! I can now operate the wipes with one hand while keeping little feet out of the mess with the other hand! This is a MUST BUY if you use water wipes!
Do you have a baby? Do you have two hands? Would you prefer to have one of those hands free to hold your baby while you use the other hand to seamlessly remove a wipe from its pack? Do you live in some godforsaken place like the American southwest, where the summer air is so dry that, when it rains, the droplets literally evaporate before they reach the ground, and an open container of wipes will dry out and essetially become toilet paper before you even come close to the end of the pack?If so, you need this in your life.