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30pcs Baby Wet Wipes Wet Tissue Wet Towel Bag Package without Lid

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      Specification of this 30pcs Baby Wet Wipes Wet Tissue Wet Towel Bag Package without Lid

      MOQ: 36 bags of stock package/ 20000 bags of OEM 

    Fabric Material: high-quality spun lace nonwovens or customized to biodegradable cotton or bamboo fibres or flushable fabric

    Fabric Size: 15*20cm per sheet or customized

    Packing: 30pcs per bag or you can do your own brand

    Ingredients: alcohol-free & customized 

    Fragrance: scent/un-scent as customized

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Recent Reviews ( 6 )
So I took a chance on these. I am a penny pincher mom who also tries to buy good for my baby and environment products. I usually just buy the aloe Parents choice wipes from Walmart because they're cheap and work well and don't bother his skin any. These are a game changer! They are so thick! The packaging is way better! It actually snaps closed well! And then they're seventh gen, so you know they're a good product. Totally worth the extra cents per wipe! I will not be buying any other diapers unless I'm low on money lol
My babies have sensitive skin. Like REAL sensitive skin- eczema, bad diaper rashes, random rashes...you name it. These haven't caused a problem for them. The best thing about these wipes are the grooves. That means these wipes can grab that crap (ha) and hold on to it. I don't need to use an entire bag of wipes on a bad diaper unlike the other wipes. (I've tried all the other wipes known to baby butts). That said...My child wants to be on top of me every second of every day. Until he poops. He knows I have to change his diaper and he thinks it's funny to resist me. I end up holding two squirmy legs in one hand- while trying hard to prevent a dirty baby bum from touching the floor or allowing him to escape- and pulling out a wipe from the package. What happens? The wipes hold hands and five of them come out together. I cannot separate them without use of both of my hands so I end up using all five wipes on the butt at the same time. Wasteful. Nasty. Aggravating.The secret to this- pull out and separate five or six wipes from the package before you grab the squirming child. Then grab the baby, wipe the bum with the wipes you've pulled out and separated, and stuff the unused ones back into the package after the ordeal is over.
I love these! My baby boy has sensitive skin and these don’t give him a rash. And they’re not expensive which is great. It was either these or water wipes but these proved to be a bit cheaper. And it’s important to me that I don’t put chemicals on my baby’s skin. So I love the ingredients.I know some people hate that more than one wipe comes out when you pull, but I just take the wipe out before I change his diaper so I’m not tugging with one hand. Not a biggie to me...
Initially, I was choosing between brands of these and Honest. I tried both because they are a more natural wipe on the market. These seemed better to me because they stick much less, maybe every 5th wipe sticks to another one and I end up pulling two out but it's not every single time. I also like that they stay wet more consistently throughout the whole stack, and not drier on top and wetter on the bottom. They take care of the mess well without smearing poop around. So I keep reordering these now all the time. So far my baby hasn't complained and we have not had any issues with any rashes; however, in general I don't think she has overly sensitive skin. In three months she only had one very mild diaper rash that corrected in one day and was only the size of about 2 quarters, and it was not due to the wipes but related to the length of time she spent in a poopy diaper (pooped during sleep and didn't get changed until we realized it when she woke up). Overall these wipes work very well for us and I'll keep buying.
We've been using Water Wipes on our son since he was born as it seemed like the least harsh of the options we saw. We tried the 7th generation one because I started looking for a less expensive alternative and because I wasn't thrilled with the Water Wipes. They seemed to still sting when I used it on my son when he had a small rash, so what does that mean? Also, the wipes are small and not as strong so you go through a lot quickly. We tried these out and were sold. Right off the bat the quality is much better. The wipes are bigger, stronger and easier to use. The flip-top is great and it's MUCH cheaper than the Water Wipes.
These are the only wipes I will use for my kids. I've tried them all, and these are the best. Here's why!1. They truly are sensitive completely unscented. My children have super sensitive skin, and I have sensitive sinuses. After almost 3 years of daily use on bottoms, hands, and faces, we've never had a sensitivity issue with these wipes.2. Easy to pull out a single wipe. I find it so frustrating when you just want ONE wipe and they all stick together and pull out in clumps. What a waste of money! These wipes easily pull out one at a time which is SO important to this budget conscious mama.3. Super thick! It's like the luxe version of wipes.