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'Diapered' A Book For Children By Gary Kastanich

  • Friday, 14 May 2021
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'Diapered' A Book For Children By Gary Kastanich

Diapered Boys is an Anthology of three fantasy novellas featuring realistic teenagers between twenty and thirty-three.diapered boys These wonderful tales are about arrogant, spoiled, and diapered young men who get magically turned into tiny baby-boys thanks to some kindhearted healer. Each story is only available as a single individual title for less than 3.99. There are also a few bonus pieces at the beginning and end of each book that gives readers a look into the world that the characters reside in.

The most popular character in these books is a blonde, handsome young man by the name of Vincent.diapered boys diapered boys He was one of the last people to be turned into a baby boy due to his parents' divorce, and he is a bit confused about what it means to be "diapered." He is an avid reader, so much so that his mother keeps him signed up for her "Vincent Busset's Library" --a reading schedule that involves sitting in front of the blank bookcase for hours on end reading fairy tales. (Poor Vincent!)

Vincent finds himself drawn into the arms of Rosemary, a beautiful young woman who teaches him everything there is to know about raising his own children, from when to start girls to how to care for their teeth.diapered boys diapered boys Their relationship is complicated when Rosemary falls for Vincent's best friend, Dan, who happens to have a daughter of the same age as Vincent. When Rosemary realizes that Vincent is cheating on her, she goes into a panic and leaves him, but not before delivering the shocking news to Vincent that he was in fact having an affair with another woman.

Follow the story of Vincent and Dan through the experiences they have: first, during which Vincent accidentally stumbles upon a Dracula-like monster and is bitten by the creature; then, after the bite heals, they discover that the monster is, in fact, a werewolf.diapered boys The horrifying part of this story comes from the fact that the werewolf has been given human characteristics to make him more terrifying. He grows hair out of his mouth and becomes very strong, and he also appears to be quite handsome. Vincent and Dan fight and kill the monster, but when he emerges from the woods, he attacks them again and this time, Vincent is the one who are scarred.

The final scenes in "Diapered" take place in the hospital, where the father has gone into cardiac arrest. After being revived a second time, he passes away and leaves the children in the care of their grandmother. The children run off to live with their grandmother and Aunt Hilda, where they begin to experience a whole range of emotions, from fear, greed, jealousy and lust for their new father. Hilda encourages them to learn the craft of storytelling, while they become experts in telling ghost stories, which help them to communicate their fears and desires to other people in a safe way.

"Diapered" is a very touching story about two children's quest to find their father and learn how to love each other. Although there were some moments that I found to be over the top and unrealistic (such as the moment when the grandmother tries to poison the father), the overall story was very touching and thought-provoking. This is a book that every child should read, not only because it is written by a famous author, but because it tells an interesting and wholesome story of two children growing up in a cruel world. In fact, the ghost stories in this book may even encourage other young readers to start writing their own ghost stories. All in all, this is a fantastic book for all ages and is recommended for parents to read to their children.

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