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Sanitize Your Table and Desks With Surface Sanitizing Wipes

  • Thursday, 06 May 2021
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surface sanitizing wipes

Sanitize Your Table and Desks With Surface Sanitizing Wipes

Alpet D2 Surface Sanitizing Wipes is an ideal sanitizing solution for food service equipment. It can be used on grease control strips, grease traps, hotplates, fryers and refrigerators. It contains no petroleum, sulfates or petroleum-based alcohols, which means it is safe for the environment. The wipes are designed to create a non-stick coating for healthier cooking.

Alpet D2 is specially formulated to sanitize food contact surfaces using chlorine, an antiseptic disinfectant, UV light and pH stabilizers. The alkydurate-based sanitizer maintains clear and clean lines and prevents food particles from sticking to the touch. Alpet D2 surface sanitizing wipes can be used on concrete, stainless steel, granite, hardwood, ceramic, melamine, polyethylene, terrazzo, brick and stone, brass, copper, aluminum and more. Each cartridge is good for up to four years, depending on the amount of product used. Each package contains 80 oz.

The Alpet D2 surface sanitizing wipes are pH neutral, which means they will not change the pH of the water or the food contact surfaces when used repeatedly. They do not contain petroleum, sulfur, chlorides or petroleum-based alcohols, which means they are safe for the environment. The alkydurate-based sanitizer is antimicrobial, which means it can kill bacteria and germs. The pH stabilizer protects against harmful enzymes.

Alpet D2 sanitizing wipes work as canister solutions only because all the moisture is extracted through the cloth's surface, and not through the canister. Therefore, food and drinks remain dry. They are designed to remove grease, dirt, and residue from glass, ceramic, porcelain, stainless steel, and granite canisters. Cleaning them is easy since you can simply take them out of the dispenser, use the included microfiber cloth, and then replace them into the canister.

Another important feature of these hand wipes is that they are completely safe for people who have allergies to latex, vinyl, and oil-based paints, but not those who have a sensitivity to these chemicals. This means that you can clean your kitchen and wash your floors with these wipes without worrying about negatively affecting those parts of your house that need thorough cleaning. You can also use them to clean the handles, tables, and other surfaces in your home without worrying about touching those surfaces.

The Alpet D2 sanitizing wipes is made by the Alpet Dinning Club, and they come in three models, the D Solitaire, D Series, and the DS Series. The two-piece canister has a surface that is coated with a gel-like substance that gives it the ability to sanitize and clean dishes and utensils without causing any damage whatsoever to their surface. The canistersswainstick mounting bracket is secured using a stainless steel snap, and there are also some models of the DS Series that have built-in sanitizing agents so that your hands do not have to be exposed to potentially harmful chemical agents during the cleaning process.

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