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Types of Disposable Cotton Sanitary Pads

  • Sunday, 06 June 2021
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Types of Disposable Cotton Sanitary Pads

Disposable cotton sanitary pads are used in hospitals and clinics where the risk of infection is high. The length of hospital stays can be reduced by providing these for all the patients. These can be changed on a daily basis depending on the length of time the patient is being treated for. It helps in reducing the number of bacteria that are present in the system. The anion hypersensitivity test is done in this condition to confirm whether the patient is allergic to the sanitary napkin material. A positive result will result in the dispensation of sanitary pads free of any allergic reaction.

It is now possible to get the disposable cotton sanitary pads and disposable napkins from the Internet. The customer needs only to fill up an online form with details like name and address. The details are cross verified and the customer can expect his order within 15 minutes. The sanitary towels are shipped to the specified addresses as early as possible.

The sizes mixed for sanitary napkins and cotton pads are available as per the requirements of the users. There are different types of sanitary films that have to be used in hospitals. One such type of product is the anion chip sanitary film. This product comes in very light colors so as to be used easily in the operating theater. The size of the anion chip sanitary film is very small. A thick layer is available to cover the anion chip so that no leakage takes place.

A thin sanitary towel is another type of product available in the market. These are known as the ultra-thin disposable cotton pads. Ultra thin napkins help in hygienic hygiene by preventing the growth of germs and bacteria. The ultra thin pads sanitary towels are made up of vinyl, which enables the customer to cut the towels as per need. These products are also suitable for the customers who cannot afford to buy new towels.

Cotton pads sanitary towels are also available in the market in thin thicknesses. Such sanitary pads are ideal for students. They can be used comfortably even when the environment is not at its cleanest. The thickness of the product depends on the need of the user. For instance, the thin layers are useful in the computer rooms.

Disposable cotton pads are made up of a sanitizer and a paper thin layer. The anion coating present in the cotton pad acts as a purifying agent. In the process of cleaning the sanitary towels, the use of water is necessary. The cotton pads should be wiped off carefully so as to ensure that there is no damage caused to the outer surface of the anion coating.

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