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60pcs Baby Wet Wipes Wet Tissue Wet Towel Bag Package without Lid

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      Specification of this 60pcs Baby Wet Wipes Wet Tissue Wet Towel Bag Package without Lid

      MOQ: 36 bags of stock package/ 20000 bags of OEM package

    Fabric Material: high-quality spun lace nonwovens or customized to biodegradable cotton or bamboo fibres or flushable fabric

    Fabric Size: 15*20cm per sheet or customized

    Packing: 60pcs per bag or you can do your own brand

    Ingredients: alcohol-free & customized 

    Fragrance: scent/un-scent as customized

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Recent Reviews ( 5 )
We were initially using water wipes which worked well but were pretty expensive. I started looking for alternatives and found these. We actually prefer the texture of these and all the other qualities match water wipes. These have worked well with our 16 month old and he has only gotten a diaper rash 2 or 3 times since birth. Definitely recommend these if you are looking for something that doesn't really have many additives.
Good wipes. Comparable to Water Wipes. Pros: Very moist, smooth. Can wipe off even the driest poo or sticky hands quickly. Doesn't tear.Cons: Smaller size. Almost always has one side that stays folded when you pull it out, which causes me to use more wipes per change. The bottom of the package is way too wet.Overall, I'll use them. My husband prefers them (I'm more of a Seventh Generation fan) but I'll buy them of it means he'll change more diapers 😄 haha
These wipes are excellent. They are great for sensitive skin and my baby has not had diaper rash using these.Here are some pros you may not have thought of--The bag is NOT as crinkly as other wipes packs (I also use Huggies Natural Care). If you accidentally leave them on the crib ledge and need to move it during nap time it is not nearly as loud to the touch. It feels like a well made package.-No pattern on the wipe and no scent. This makes it feel totally pure.-Sometimes on an early morning, I need a little refreshing pick me up and I can wipe this across my own face and feel more awake on those early mornings as a new mom.-These easily pull out of the pack. No struggling during a poopy diaper with one hand and a hard to release wipe.
Great wipe, similarly to water wipes for a better price and without any mold issues. I used to use babyganics wipes and found that they were too dry and we didn’t like the smell. These are much more wet and no scent. Only complaint is the clip top doesn’t stay closed very well, but it doesn’t seem to dry out the wipes. I just save the sticker seal and use it to hold down the plastic lid if I won’t be using them for awhile or if they will be in a diaper bag.
We use a lot of baby wipes in our house for many problems: they clean dropped food spots on clothes, wipe counters, clean sneakers, wash SUVs patients who are bed-ridden, clean sticky little kids' hands